Cathy Swormstedt

“I love writing, and proofreading is satisfying work. It’s like smoothing out wrinkles in beautiful fabric.”



Contract Writer and Proofreader

Cathy has been with Howell Creative Group for 14 years. As a seasoned writer, editor and proofreader, she understands the importance of effective communications.

Cathy is the second set of eyes for the Howell team and applies her proofreading and editing skills to a wide range of projects, ensuring that your work goes out perfectly.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to your work?

Of my writing, editing and proofreading tasks, I probably enjoy proofreading the most. It’s challenging and it takes time but it’s also rewarding—kind of like smoothing out a bunch of wrinkles on a beautiful piece of linen.

Most memorable project at work has been what? Why?

Our team was hired to name and brand a new bank in the Williamsburg area. It was a long, complex, but very interesting project that we were involved in from the ground up as the new entity took shape. The name selected, “Virginia Company Bank” paid homage to an important historical time locally and I was proud to be a part of the naming process.