Svetlana Gotra

“I enjoy being able to solve our client problems through creativity.”



Howell Creative Group Graphic and Web Designer

A graduate in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University, Svetlana is a talented designer with an excellent eye for detail. Svetlana enjoys branding work and is able to take a creative brief and implement an on-target concept for our clients that visually builds the foundation of their brand. Svetlana is also a talented artist—her project sketches are ‘frame-worthy’ and create a strong base for the design to follow. Orginially from Russia, she is able to incorporate a unique world view in her projects.

How long have you been with Howell Creative Group?

I joined Howell in 2012 after bouncing around the world and the United States for a few decades—from Russia to Italy, to Illinois and finally Virginia—learning the languages, cultures and graphic/web design.

Best advice ever received?

It’s never too late to study. This advice motivated me to go back to school and get my Bachelor’s degree so I could follow my passion – graphic and web design.