Digital strategy and website development

We’re fanatics about design and obsessed with technology. Our Howell Creative Group team is fully proficient in front- and back-end development with an emphasis on conveying your message and establishing a competitive position in your marketplace. Our firm develops easily navigable and functional websites that will speak to your multiple target audience groups. We anticipate how visitors interact with your website and strategize around how to optimize their experience. A website is one of your most powerful marketing assets and our goal is to engage and inspire action on your 24/7, digital public voice.

Websites aren’t the only tool in the digital box – customers expect you to remember them and engage in productive exchanges online, even if you never meet face to face. Let us help you use multiple paths linked to an interactive marketing highway to reach customers effectively.

  • Site design & Programming
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Mobile & Digital Marketing/Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Campaign or Product Microsite
  • SEO Content Marketing & Development


Our Other Areas of Expertise Include