Building a Brand

The Howell team was immediately drawn to the amazing work the then-named Arc of the Virginia Peninsula did for people with disabilities. Not only providing services such as day support and community living, but the fact that they employ thousands of people across the country, over half with disabilities.

New Name, Same Vision

We quickly learned not only about the incredible financial impact the organization made in the lives of their employees with disabilities, but even more importantly, the pride and sense of achievement the individuals with disabilities feel receiving a paycheck. In renaming the group, we first knew we had to capture this sense of dignity, while also appealing to prospective business partners to help grow and expand their reach.

The Process

The Howell team set to brainstorming names, taglines and brand concepts, pairing down hundreds of ideas into a short list. Throughout the process we drew inspiration from all types of sources, from stakeholder interviews to other languages. Finalists included a creative spin on the Swahili word for opportunity, multiple words blended into something new and distinctive and several options that were completely made up.

The Result

As we spent more time with the leadership and employees of the organization, we found a key theme that constantly rose to the top of conversations – the abilities of the people served was the focus, as opposed to their disabilities. This concept is what ultimately led us to create the organization name, a blend of two words, Versatile and Ability – VersAbility.

Collaborate, Advocate & Donate

Responsive Web Design that Moves You

Howell Creative went through a thorough planning process to identify both the user paths and an ideal content strategy and design that would drive conversions and inquiries. The interactive website was developed to have a professional appeal with a human-centered approach.

Make a Big Impact

The advertising strategy was built
as a 70/20/10 media mix ratio.

Achieved more than 21 million impressions during the campaign

Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy & Plan

The integrated marketing and advertising plan outlined thoughtful strategies to build awareness, engage the public and corporate clients while portraying a fresh sense of brand personality. The Howell team helped carve out valuable territory within audience hearts and minds through traditional, guerrilla and social tactics.

“We witnessed first hand the incredible work ethic of the people served by VersAbility. It was our inspiration in creating the name which combines the words Versatile and Ability.”


Kathy Howell, President and Creative Director, Howell Creative Group