Emotional Connections Through Branding and Storytelling

When Whitley’s Peanut Factory needed a fresh look and feel, Howell Creative Group was called upon to help. Our team developed an updated brand concept that connects the peanut company’s customer-centered culture with the products they sell through creative messaging and strategic visuals.

Each year, Howell Creative Group develops six direct mail catalogs for Whitley’s, a vital resource for their worldwide sales. In addition, we created a strategic marketing plan aimed at driving traffic to their two retail stores and have provided a full spectrum of marketing communications support – from tradeshow exhibits to targeted digital and print advertising.

Strategic Product Marketing with the Customer in Mind

Whitley’s, like many other retailers who rely on both catalog sales and brick and mortar stores, was reaching a challenging crossroads – how to attract new customers while still appealing to their main demographic of Baby Boomers. They turned to our team to expand their audience. Through the development of wholesale collateral, strategic marketing tactics and a freshened brand, Howell Creative created a marketing collateral with updated brand messaging that spoke to both the millennial audience’s interest in a local and customized experience and Whitley’s primary target audience who are drawn to consistency and quality.

The materials we developed were strategically designed not only to present the company as a leader in the field, but also to make the audience’s mouths water any time they pick up a brochure or catalog.

Comprehensive Retail Marketing Plan

In developing the Strategic Marketing Plan for Whitley’s retail stores, our team determined a set of strategies and tactics that focused on three themes. Together, these allowed Whitley’s to differentiate itself from competitors, creating a voice and brand that appeals to both locals and tourists.

From setting up in-store displays and tasting stations to drive product trials to creative uses for the corporate mascot, Whit the Peanut, the Howell team presented a myriad of ideas that build awareness and generate a favored image by communicating effectively with Whitley’s target audience groups.

“The Howell team’s attention to detail and creative ideas elevated our brand. What started as a single project, has grown into a successful on-going partnership where they provide invaluable expertise across our retail communications platforms.”


Todd Smith, President, Whitley’s Peanut Factory